Nijmegen, 3 December 2020

Dear relation,

We would like to inform you as a customer, supplier or relation of FireX, Fire Technology and FireSafe about an important change in our business operations. As of January 1st 2021 our three divisions will be united under the name FireX. We have made this decision in order to work even more efficiently and decisively. This is good news, because everyone will benefit from it.

Thanks to the growth spurt that our three companies have gone through and the fact that more and more customers are purchasing services from several of our companies, continuing under one name is for us the way to ensure more direct communication, faster action and more clarity for everyone. What will change for you as a result of this merger? Actually, nothing at all. You will continue to do business with the same, trusted people. The service you are so attached to will become even better.

Do you adjust our data?
The only thing that is necessary, is that some changes are made in your systems; we kindly ask you to position our company or our companies under the name FireX in your administration. This is actually the only change that needs to be made. The correct data can be found underneath.

To give the merger a renewed look to the outside world, the logo will also change. We say goodbye to the existing logos and introduce with the merge a renewed logo FireX. Powerful, recognizable and overarching for our three divisions. You can already see the new logo above this writing.

We are convinced that everyone will reap the benefits of the new company structure in 2021 and look forward to working with you. If you have any questions regarding this letter, please do not hesitate to ask them. We will be happy to answer them.

Kind regards,

Jean-Paul Lamers
Monique Lamers



Please enter the following data into your system
For FireX, the data remains unchanged

With the merger and name change, the bank account number, G-account, Chamber of Commerce number and VAT number will change as of 1 January 2021:

– Bank account number: NL68RABO0137802463

– G account: NL39RABO099122267

– Chamber of Commerce number: 10043110

– VAT number: NL8071.17.778.B01

We kindly ask you to change this in your administration.

In addition to a small change in your organization, the name change has no further consequences for you. Your contracts and/or agreements from the above mentioned B.V.’s will remain in force unchanged and will be continued by FireX B.V..

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