Fire safety

Buildings and monuments

Stadkamer Zwolle

The new Stadkamer Zwolle building is fitted with a Marioff HI-FOG® water mist system.

The Stadkamer houses a range of functions such as a library, arts centre and study and work stations.

This is a wet system which is fed by an MSPU4 modular pump unit in the event of a fire.

Nedtrain Den Haag

The whole BIS Industrial Services building in Roosendaal is fitted with a system using only manual call points which control the evacuation system, as specified and installed in association with one of our fire safety partners.

Because of the ambient noise level and use of ear protection slow whoop alarms were combined with flashing lights to make it more likely that the evacuation alarm is noticed.

A maintenance contract was concluded for scheduled maintenance, service and fault resolution.

FireX, jointly with BAM Bouw en Techniek, supplied a fire evacuation system based on non-automatic monitoring as required by the Dutch Buildings decree (2012). The owner took the initiative to extend the installation with smoke detectors in the offices and plant rooms.

Woudagemaal Lemmer

The Woudagemaal pumping station in Lemmer was refurbished. An active fire protection system was selected to protect the building. To minimise the impact on the building, a Marioff HI-FOG® water mist system was selected. This was carefully designed and detailed to make the installation as unobtrusive as possible.

The stainless steel pipes have a matt black coating and are installed out of view where possible. This was to meet the requirements of both the listed monuments authority and the customer. The Woudagemaal is an example of Amsterdam School architecture and is included on the UNESCO world heritage list.

Zwolle court buildings

Both the old building, a listed monument, and the new building of the court at Zwolle are fitted with Marioff HI-FOG® water mist systems.

These are wet systems which are fed by an MSPU5 modular pump unit in the event of a fire.

NS De Oost station building, Amsterdam

The De Oost building of the Dutch railways, a listed monument, is located next to Amsterdam Central Station and was fitted with a high pressure water mist system during the refurbishment. The system protects the east side of the station, with offices and bicycle parking.

This is a wet system, i.e. the pipes are filled with water even before the system is triggered, with an MSPU4 modular pump unit. HI-FOG® was selected for this project as the volume of water is much smaller than that of a conventional sprinkler system, which means that the pipes are smaller and easier to hide. This helps to preserve the historical appearance.

Oracle Nieuwevaart, Amsterdam

The Oracle Cloud Sales Center in Amsterdam is housed in a prestigious former warehouse on Nieuwevaart in Amsterdam.

The Cloud Sales Center plays a key part in the expansion of Oracle’s cloud business. The opening of the Cloud Sales Center and recruitment of 450 cloud sales professionals in the Netherlands follows Oracle’s investment of several billion dollars in developing the most comprehensive cloud computing services portfolio.

Oracle currently offers over 600 different cloud applications. Combined with the wide range of on-premise and cloud hardware and software these help businesses to manage their entire enterprise computing environment for a seamless transition to the cloud.

The FireX scope includes five floors of offices designed to VdS OH-1 (MSPU3 pump unit) and the water mist and fire detection for the former warehouse on Nieuwevaart in Amsterdam.

Het Loo palace, Apeldoorn

Het Loo palace is a former royal palace and now a national museum on the edge of the city of Apeldoorn. It is owned by the state and is one of the top-100 buildings according to the national heritage agency.

When the palace was restored it was decided to fit Marioff HI-FOG® water mist system to three vulnerable building sections: the Corps de Logies and the west and east wings. Because of the flexibility of the system it can be extended later with more sections to cover other areas of the palace with the water mist system.

The client selected a wet system for Het Loo palace. In the event of a fire the glass bulb of the nearest HI-FOG® sprinkler head will break and immediately control the fire.

Dutch Open Air Museum

The Dutch Open Air Museum covers around 44 ha, full of a wide range of authentic and unusual buildings. Each building has its own fascinating history and interesting stories to tell.

The entrance building and the Canon of Dutch History are protected by a HI-FOG® high pressure water mist system.

Because of the different functions of the rooms in the building this project includes both wet and deluge systems, supplied by an MSPU-4 pump unit.

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