The Marioff HI-FOG® water mist system is the perfect solution
where there are strict requirements to protect people, property
and business continuity. The advantages of this water mist system
are particularly relevant in industry, datacenters, hotels, health
and social care, car parks and heritage buildings.  

HI-FOG® for industry

Special fire protection often arise in industrial buildings, from automotive plants through to energy and food production. The presence of gas, oil and other flammable liquids increases the fire hazard – even a small upset or leak can lead to a fire. HI-FOG® protects both whole industrial processes and individual machines with water mist:  this acts instantly on the seat of the fire and suppresses it effectively.

HI-FOG® for datacenters

Throughout the world, many datacenters are fitted with the Marioff HI-FOG® water mist system. These systems are specified because they offer controlled fire suppression, in just the right place, using no more water than required. Water mist systems protect each room against fire and water damage: server rooms, storage areas and offices. HI-FOG® is compatible with modular building concepts. When your datacenter is expanded we can expand the water mist system to suit. This ensures the continuing safety of the datacenter and all critical business processes.

HI-FOG® for hotels

Fire prevention and guest safety have priority in hotels. And should a fire break out then the damage must be minimised. A HI-FOG® water mist system makes that possible. The secret lies in the high pressure technology, and the fact that each hotel room has its own water mist outlet, which does not affect the interior design. The compact system and small nozzles ensure HI-FOG® blends in with any hotel interior design.

HI-FOG® in health and social care

In the event of a fire in a health and social care setting, HI-FOG® gives personnel more time to evacuate patients and service users. A water mist system quickly brings the fire under control. This reduces the fire, smoke and water damage so normal care provision can be restored quickly.

Heritage buildings

A fire can lead to the loss of the entire heritage value of a historic building. A HI-FOG® water mist system limits fire and water damage to a minimum. This does not require significant building works: the overall footprint of the system is smaller than that of a conventional sprinkler system. The pump units and water tanks are smaller, and the pipes have a narrower diameter and are flexible. Similarly, the nozzles are small so the fire suppression system does not affect the heritage value of the building. FireX is always keen to safeguard unusual buildings for the future in terms of fire safety.

Car parks

Car parks, above and below ground, require advanced fire protection and fire detection  systems. This is not only because they are often incorporated into a building, but also because of the valuable cars parked in them. A Marioff HI-FOG® can effectively control fires in these settings. The microdroplets quickly reduce the temperature of the seat of fire and surrounding area, providing better protection to the building structure. Is the seat of fire located close to an electric vehicle? Then it will be controlled more quickly by the high pressure cooling. This reduces the risk of the fire spreading to other vehicles or building sections.

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