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Lorentzhof Libertas, Leiden

In 2016 the Lorentzhof underwent a sustainable refurbishment to transform it to a comfortable and attractive residential care centre and nursing home. Lorentzhof has five small group residences for people with dementia. The key concepts are: homeliness and respectful care in a safe environment. There are also 27 spacious apartments for residents with physical issues who need significant care and support. The Lorentzhof has hairdresser’s and pedicure salons and a restaurant.

The sustainability of the refurbished building lies in the use of environment-friendly materials, water-saving features and optimised insulation. Lorentzhof is also fitted with a unique HI-FOG® water mist system  (MSPU2) which greatly improves fire safety.

Sint Maartenskliniek, Nijmegen

The Sint Maartenskliniek in Nijmegen and Woerden is the only hospital in the Netherlands dedicated to posture and movement. It supports patients with basic to complex orthopaedic and rheumatological disorders. The Nijmegen site also has a centre for patients recovering from an illness, accident or brain injury.

The Sint Maartenskliniek in Nijmegen was extended with a new building. This houses the rheumatology centre, urgent orthopaedic care, the pharmacy, laboratory and offices of the board of directors.

The new building also includes a reception area and lecture room. The Sint Maartenskliniek selected a HI-FOG® water mist system for the new building, because of its many advantages.

Princess Máxima Center for paediatric oncology, Utrecht

The Princess Máxima Center for paediatric oncology aims to offer the best possible care to children with cancer and their families to maximise the likelihood of recovery and minimise the side-effects during and after treatment.

Combining care, research, education and training at one national centre promotes the survival and recovery of the children and their quality of life.

The HI-FOG® water mist system is supplied by a MSPU7+1 pump unit. The system protects 40,690 m² over six floors. This protects the costly equipment against fire. The Main Equipment Room (MER) and computer rooms are fitted with gaseous agent fire suppression systems to NFPA 2001:2012, design concentration Class C, Electrical Hazard 4.7% Novec 1230.

Illustration: MMEK

SDK Child care centres, several sites

There are strict statutory fire safety requirements for child care centres.

SDK Kinderopvang approached one of FireX’s fire safety partners to optimise fire safety, providing a safe environment for the children and regulatory compliance. No problem. We fitted the sleeping areas and general areas of several child care centres with manual and automatic fire detection system, on the ground floor and first floor. If a fire is detected the system controls the door closers and door magnets to ensure fire compartmentation and to reduce the spread of fire. This fire detection and alarm system is regularly certified further to the relevant standard (Regeling Brandmeldinstallaties).

To ensure quality and fire safety there is a maintenance contract for servicing and resolving faults.

Catharina hospital, Eindhoven

The Catharina hospital in Eindhoven selected a HI-FOG® water mist system with many advantages.

The hospital was looking for an alternative to primary and secondary fire compartments which offered equivalent safety.

The premises document supported the equivalent safety concept and defined the structural, building services and organisational criteria.

The Catharina hospital was built in 1973 and includes a high-rise section of 15 floors. In 2011 a project to protect the Catharine hospital started. The initial focus was on the high-rise nursing home. The system has been expanded regularly to cover other parts of the buildings and is now one of the largest Marioff HI-FOG installations in the Netherlands. This was also the first hospital application in the country. The Marioff HI-FOG system is equivalence rated in the same way as conventional sprinkler systems.

Zorgcentrum de Haven, Bunschoten

Fire safety in residential care centres demands attention to detail, deep knowledge and expertise. In the event of a fire both staff and residents should be able to leave the building safely. FireX upgraded fire safety in the care facility rooms, restaurant and common rooms at the De Haven centre in Bunschoten.

The centre is fully protected by manual and automatic fire detection systems. The alarms are clearly presented on the fire alarm panel by the entrance. FireX certified the system in accordance with the relevant standard (Regeling Brandmeldinstallaties). Given the residents of the care centre, fire safety demanded special consideration. It was agreed with De Haven that an additional alarm is given if a fire is detected. The on-site first responders receive a silent evacuation alarm on their DECT telephones.

To ensure the continued fire safety of the personnel and residents of the care centre it is essential that the system is regularly maintained. Hence there is a maintenance contract covering service and 24/7 response.

Het Groene Hart senior housing, Lunteren

This small facility was set up on the basis of current thinking about independent and social living for seniors, based on the highest standards. The project includes a central atrium surrounded by 16 apartments. The living rooms have large sliding doors to provide an open connection to the atrium.

This incorporates the atrium in the living space of each apartment. As a result, the apartments do not have 60-minute fire resistance. However, the HI-FOG® system was accepted as an equivalent solution, thus making this design possible.

De Wollewei, Nijmegen

De Wollewei is a joint project between ZZG Zorggroep and Standvast Wonen. The 24 residents of the Orangerie (residences adjacent to an indoor garden and multifunctional space) are no longer able to live independently due to dementia.

They enjoy the privacy of their own spacious apartment and can meet others in the common room or enclosed indoor garden.

FireX and Van Zandvoort Electrotechniek supplied a fully monitored fire and evacuation system.

The care providers have DECT telephones so they can respond instantly to emergencies.

DrieMaasHave geriatric centre, Maassluis

DrieMaasHave was one of the first care facilities in the Netherlands to be fitted with a water mist system.

This benefits the safety of residents and staff, and enables the on-site first responders to work more efficiently.

The water mist system for the new DrieMaasHave building is one of the key aspects of the fire safety concept for this part of the complex. It means the fire compartments can be larger, and it supports other facilities such as fire separation, fire dampers and self-closing apartment doors, based on the equivalence principle under the Buildings Decree.

SVRZ ’t Gasthuis, Middelburg

SVRZ commissioned a fire safety study of the ‘t Gasthuis Middelburg site by consultants Altavilla B.V. in Eindhoven (Acuro). Further to that a HI-FOG® high pressure water mist system was installed.

The system configuration was determined together with our partner Kuijpers Beveiligingssystemen B.V. Kuijpers Beveiligingssystemen B.V. arranged all the installation works, while the care facility was operating normally.

All the rooms are protected and a higher fire load was assumed for storage areas. The system is supplied by a modular pump unit. The installation works were carried out with minimum disruption to SVRZ staff and residents.

Drostendijk/Klaverweide, Barneveld

The new building of the Klaverweide/Drostendijk nursing complex in Barneveld is fitted with a water mist system (wet type). The system has an MSPU2 pump unit and is divided into 6 sections with a total of approximately 350 water mist nozzles.

The protected area extends to over 5,000 m² across five floors, three in Klaverweide and two in Drostendijk. The two sites are connected to each other by a dedicated underground pipeline. As a result there was no need to fit each building with a pump unit.

Máxima hospital, Veldhoven

The Máxima hospital in Veldhoven is fitted with wet and deluge water mist systems. These are supplied by an MSPU5 modular pump unit.

The deluge system is fitted in the generator rooms. One of the differences with the other systems is that it is fitted with spray heads: open nozzles without the glass bulbs. If the deluge system is triggered all the heads in the room will be supplied simultaneously so the seat of fire is attached from several sides.

The total area protected by the water mist system at the Máxima hospital is approximately  4,000 m².

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