Our services

FireX has been making buildings fire-safe for 25 years.
We do that by providing high-quality fire detection and
suppression systems The advanced Marioff HI-FOG®
water mist system is one option. We can take responsibility
for everything: from engineering and installation through to
commissioning and maintenance.

Always customised solutions

We can advise on the best solution, support you, plan and streamline projects. Years of experience have taught us that each project demands a customised solution and a tailored approach. After all, a fire protection system for a server room is quite different from that for an industrial building. But this remains the same: the commitment of our people, every day, to make a building into a fire-safe operation.

Always reliable, and compliant with standards and regulations

We demonstrate our extensive knowledge of fire detection systems and high pressure water mist systems from the earliest design stage of each project. That is when we create the basis for a certified installation with a long lifespan. We also contribute that expertise to the later stages, up to and including maintenance. That ensures that the building remains fire safe in accordance with the fire safety requirements laid down in the Buildings Decree and other legislation and regulations.

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