The Marioff-HI-FOG® water mist system controls, suppresses or
extinguishes fire effectively with the extremely fine water mist. The
installation responds immediately when a heat-sensitive element such
as a glass vial is triggered. That gives the fire little opportunity to
develop. The microdroplets limit water damage. FireX is the leading
specialist in the Benelux in this groundbreaking fire protection

Do you want to learn more about the HI-FOG® water mist system?

Marioff-HI-FOG®, perfect for critical operational environments

Water mist fire is becoming more widely adopted as a fire protection solution. More and more customers with demanding requirements in terms of the protection of personnel, property and business continuity select water mist systems. This solution is particularly appreciated in critical sectors such as industry, datacenters, hotels, health and social care, heritage buildings and car parks. The key advantage: a water mist system needs only limited space. That is a clear advantage in terms of the building as a whole.

Water mist compared with sprinklers

A water mist system is a fire protection system which uses a finely divided stream of water, consisting of microdroplets. The HI-FOG® system releases much less water than conventional sprinkler systems, without any loss of extinguishing capacity. This not only means water mist systems control and extinguish fires effectively, it also limits water damage to critical areas and equipment. Another advantage of a HI-FOG®-fire protection system: it reduces the lifecycle costs due to the unique and intelligent design, incorporating carefully selected, durable materials.

How a water mist system works

The Marioff-HI-FOG® uses high pressure and special water mist heads. Together they ensure that the water enters the seat of fire at a high velocity. The microdroplets effectively reduce radiant heat, capture smoke particles and evaporate instantly, cooling the flames and surrounding gasses. The evaporation also reduces the supply of oxygen to the seat of fire.

FireX’s expertise in fire protection

The HI-FOG® water mist system developed by Marioff is an effective response to fire protection issues. The advantages, in short:
– Effective cooling of the fire and surrounding area
– Shielding of radiant heat
– Evaporation removes oxygen from the area around the seat of fire
– Lower water consumption, minimum water damage, no need for large drains
– Environment-friendly
– Compact, with a lower overall system weight – Reduction of the Total Cost of Ownership due to the durable materials

Whitepaper Marioff-HI-FOG®

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