NorthC Datacenter, Groningen

Marioff HI-FOG® limits fire and water damage in high-tech environments

This building is protected by the Marioff HI-FOG® high pressure water mist system. FireX is the leading specialist in the Benelux in this groundbreaking fire protection technology. Ivo Kleijn, FireX project manager: “Two datacenter halls were already fitted with the water mist system. When a third hall was needed, we worked with Hamer, the main contractor, to install a water mist system in that. This system is easy to expand: HI-FOG® essentially grows along with the buildings, so all critical business processes are protected against fire.”

Full package

FireX provided the design and supplied the complete system to Hamer, complete with Marioff high pressure pump units, components and piping. After installation by Hamer, FireX undertook the commissioning. “In this case, installing the system was not part of our remit. But for many other customers we also undertake installation. We can provide a full package, from engineering and installation through to commissioning and maintenance. That’s entirely up to the client.”

Reduced water damage to equipment

At the NorthC Datacenter the innovative HI-FOG® fire suppression system primarily protects the server rooms. Ivo: “Water mist is perfect for rooms with delicate equipment. The strength of Marioff HI-FOG® is that it uses a mist of microdroplets. So, compared with a conventional sprinkler system, much less water is released while the extinguishing effect is the same. That reduces water damage in protected rooms or equipment, and because of the high cooling capacity the system can quickly control an incipient fire.”

FireX has also supplied Marioff HI-FOG® fire suppression systems to other NorthC sites, again through Hamer. The datacenter business now has a modern, high quality system to reduce the impact of fire and water damage, to prevent interruption of the operational processes. In other words: exactly what the datacenter aims to deliver to its customers.

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